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Open Source

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Chogon wants the input of the Writers for the next phase

Chogon wrote:

We are definitely not adverse to getting input and recommendations from all the different groups in the Uru community. And as you can very well guess, there is a wide range opinions by the fans and a few of the ideas are in direct opposition of each other. So, it is obvious we won't please everyone. But we've already laid out where we want to end up. But considering where we are, we will start with very small steps (albeit the first step was *much* bigger than we had anticipated!).

We (Cyan) have not exactly figured out what that next step is. Frankly, I not sure we have completed the first step yet. Getting MOUL servers up and people back in the cavern was most of that first step, but we do have to make sure that it will run for the most part, on its own. I feel like we are all standing around what we just erected with our hands out, ready to catch something before it falls. So, we do have to let the dust settle a little before the next step (and we do have the launch of MagiQuest Online coming up very quickly!)

IMHO, the next goal should be to get one or more of the fan created content on the MOULagain servers. To me, that would show the most promising thing about the entire project. So, the first step of that goal would be to get the 3ds max plugin binaries out there and then work with the user-creation community to find and covert a fan created age. But that is just the world according to Mark.

BTW, currently the 3ds max plugin is for an ancient version of max, which the first step of that first step would be to convert those plugins to the latest (or near latest) version of 3ds max.


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MORE Status Report 11-26-2009

Richard A. Watson of CYAN (RAWA) posts on the Myst Online:Uru Live Forum a MORE Status Report and a letter from Rand Miller to the community at large. Discussion follows and is sure to continue .....

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Q&A Session with Rand at Mysterium

During the trip to Cyan Worlds HQ there has been a conference with Blade Lakem (JD Barnes), Brian Fioca, Ryan Miller (Douglas Sharper) and Eleri (Echo McKenzie), followed by a Q&A session with Rand who replied to some of the questions of the fans, explaining why It Is Not URU Yet.

Transcription by DrCrisGer Weiterlesen

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Open Source timing update (small)

Hi all,

Sorry for the long time in between updates. The silence was not by design or by any dark undertones. Sadly, there is not much to report. I am *still* waiting for a particular ex-Cyan person to send me code changes that only he can make. I know that sounds odd but unfortunately it is the truth and until I have those changes the open source can't proceed. I know that he has been heavily involved in a major release of the product he is working on, so I understand (a little bit).
After that is done, I may ask for some help from a few chosen individuals to help with readying the sources further.

On a different note: Cyan has been working with another company on something (slightly but completely) different. Of course, I can't reveal anything yet but hopefully something will be available late summer, this year. I know that is coming up quickly and it is taking all of our energies.

I could write a small book about the many transformations that Cyan has gone through over the years. Even though I was not at Cyan from the beginning, there was only one ex-Cyan employee at the time I was hired. For the most of that history, we have been a quiet, shy company that let our products do the talking. With the rise of UruLive that had to change because the game was about community and Cyan sharing itself with that community, albeit in our own shy way. So, after UruLive was canceled, Cyan has reverted back to it roots of being that quiet, shy company again, albeit not quite as shy as before.

Thanks for everyone's support.

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Myst Online Open Source Update

Post on the Need Myst Online Open Source Encouragement

Chogon wrote:
Hi all,

Sorry for the lapse in communication. I (we) have been a little busy (with Myst for the iPhone).

The plans for opening the sources for UruLive is still intact. Unfortunately the schedule for it has been effected. Besides myself being busy with Myst, the ex-Cyan programmers that were going to help also had greater demands from their 'real' jobs.

So, I am trying to get the initial team together again and find out what has yet to be done and how much time and effort it will take to achieve that. I'll let you know as soon as I do.